GRB Soan Cake Regular 200gm


Maximum quantity is 5

GRB Soan Cake is a traditional Indian Flaky Sweet Cake with Almonds & Pistachios. Flavoured With Almonds and pistachios, it consists of sugar, wheat flour, and ghee, gram flour.

Soan Cake Papdi was re-invented as a soft, luxurious cake infused with a flavourful blast of cardamom and dry fruits. With every bite so rich and delicious, Soan Cake is an all-time favourite dessert from GRB. It takes the classic Soan Papdi, beloved by children everywhere and turns it into something even better! Now everyone can enjoy larger pieces of their favourite Soan delicacy and feel its golden, flaky and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. This Elaichi Flavour is a definite fun-filled treat.