Britannia 50 50 Sweet & Salty Biscuit


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At Britannia, we believe that there is a whacky side to everyone – sometimes hidden, at other times overt. And this is what we celebrate with our brands 5050, Maska Chaska, Time Pass & Top. With products which can well be called differentiated, in the world of sweet biscuits, these brands have carved out a special place in the minds of consumers across the country.


What happens when you mix two completely opposite flavors together? You get the lip-smacking and iconic Britannia 5050 Sweet & Salty biscuit ? a biscuit that is deliciously sweet and scrumptiously salty. Launched in 1993, 5050’s dual flavored appeal soon made it a household name, while its whacky and unforgettable ads, including the iconic and much loved?“Na re nana 5050”?ad campaign only added to its growing popularity amongst the youth.

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