Nutraj Figs


Maximum quantity is 5

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  • Anjeer/figs are rich in beneficial nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, and chlorine.
  • They are a nutritious snack and good for stamina
  • Rich source of many vital vitamins and minerals. Just soak 1-2 Anjeer at night in ½ cup water and let it remain soaked overnight and take it will milk or juice.
  • Our gluten free dried figs are store-house of fiber Non-gmo figs are low in calories and fat free
  • A good source of many enriching vitamins and minerals They contains zero trans fat and zero cholesterol
  • Gluten free; high in protein; Suitable for vegetarians
  • Store in a dry, airtight container after opening and preferably refrigerate

100g, 250g, 300g