Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste 180 GM


Colgate? Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste Great Regular Flavour has our new best ever* toothpaste formula for calcium boost. The formula helps add natural calcium** to teeth, strengthening teeth from within.

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You prepare your child for life by making her strength from within, and this strength is reflected in her smile. Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection with Amino Power+, adds natural calcium* to your family?s teeth, keeping their smiles strong from within.

+Amino Power refers to the unique formula containing arginine, and an insoluble source of calcium and fluoride
*Helps add natural calcium from saliva through Fluoride Action


  • 4X Power for Strengthening teeth*
  • Amino Power+
  • Strengthens teeth from within
  • Helps add natural calcium^
  • Complete all around cavity protection
  • Germ protection~
  • Cleaner, whiter teeth~
  • Fresher breath~
  • Plaque removal~
  • Healthy gums~

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